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Stressed is desserts spelt backwards. Guess it's time for some chocolate!


❤ haha

The Justice League! HA!! true


Ashley Stock our boys would totally do this!

Love it... and sorry its true lol

So true and sad...

The typical day of a teenage girl in the late '90s...this list is hilarious...and totally true :)

Omg lol

That's hilarious!



Dance Moms workout! You will definitely get fit if you do this(:

Fat christmas

hey - this is ME! I guess I am a real mom after all! One of my favorite Modern Family quotes is from Claire, "I am the mother, so for me, this is not a family vacation; it's a business trip." Still, I'd rather be hanging out at the beach with my kids right now. I LOVE this job!

The only acceptable paint job for a smart car


I hate when this happens...


Hahaha i totally didn't see her

I'm such a nerd ;)

My favorite movie strikes again!