The fandom... they come, they conquer, and then they salt everything before they burn ya....

The most amazing hijacked tumblr post ever.

Supernatural-----Everything about this post is happiness. :)


At least you're not on the ceiling burning

Hi there supernatural!

Supernatural fandom

If you hate Dean Winchester, you're probably Dean Winchester.

Dean Winchester

Supernatural fandom doesn't need to be invited but when they are they never dissapoint - hahah, i love my fandom!

We really have a gif for everything

Overlord has spoken...

Naughty | 18 "Supernatural" GIFs To Express Your Every Emotion

#Supernatural haha ..

Dean passive aggressively chewing food - Supernatural

The Supernatural fandom in one post...

Supernatural Gif Challenge #2: Challenge Conquered! [gifset]

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I love our fandom