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Dean Karnazes, he has recently become a hero of mine. great motivational speaker and ultra-marathoner

More DK. He's also run across Death Valley, and run a 200 mile relay race--by himself!!

Yep!!!! Billie Strutton Keelie Lipscomb Shelli McGovern Julie Stephens

Are you the Gazelle or the Lion? Doesn't matter, you better be running! (Though we give preference to the Gazelle, of course)

I get a PR, I meet someone new, I pace my way through new running routes, I run further than the day before, I discover little places that I didn't know existed, places where it's just me and the world and no one else.

Ultra Marathon Man - Dean Karnazes

Good thing to remember in this "rat race" we call life. Take each experience & make it a learning one. THAT makes the race worth it!

Running was my life in high school! I occasionally run and thankful i can after my accident its a little hard on my knee but love to get out for at least a fast paced walk or jog! :D

proper running form - Click image to find more hot Pinterest pins

haha YES! After a good run it almost feels just as good to smell that bad...knowing that you worked hard and it'll pay off!