I don't even care about the Olympics, but yeah, so tired of TV glorifying everything that is wrong with our society. Someone who actually deserves to be on TV

love this picture



Funny!! But Soooo very very very true!!!

her parents deserve a medal...

South so true!!!


My god, I've been eating tic tacs wrong FOR YEARS! (Mind BLOWN) So that's what that's for...

Christina Aguilera on "The Voice," I'm looking in your general direction. But I'm averting my eyes a little, because I'm afraid of glimpsing a "wardrobe malfunction."

not so-Funny Family Ecard: Cheers to you bitch, who can afford to get her nails done and go shopping, while accepting government


I know exactly who

look up, thundercloud, the soon will sun shine. wait, that's not right. i'm tied....tired..huh? found on Polyvore


"I think we all need to realize that there will never be a fictional TV teenage female role model better than Topanga Lawrence.

So me

des lol

Jennifer Lawerence talking about sawing down the tracker jacker nest in the hunger games. I feel like we'd be friends. Haha.

Might have a candidate for this one!