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Video Tutorial: How to make pigment ink

Have you ever gone to stamp and found that the pigment ink pad you wanted to use is dried up? Arrrrghh! Don't worry, today I'll show you how to make your own pigment and chalk ink with a few simple...
  • Edith Buckley

    How to make ink and revive an old ink pad: Mix guash colors with glycerin, plus rubbing alcohol to stop mold from forming on ink pad | Video Tutorial: How to make pigment ink ~ By The Frugal Crafter on Wordpress

  • Ofelia Asani

    Video Tutorial: How to make pigmentink

  • Sheila Wayne

    Chalk paints, color & alcohol - do not add glycerin - glycerin makes it sticky. Glycerin will make it more transparent - if you want it more opaque add white.

  • Sadelle Wiltshire - Tangle Vermont

    Video Tutorial: How to make pigment and chalk ink and re inkers

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