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Alternative Facts (Big Lies) -- For Trump and his Administration ... Always, Not Sometimes!!

Or find "Alternative Facts," as Kelly Anne Conway so notably stated from within TrumPredator DickTater's administration. THis fuckwad needs to GO.

Okay, I stumbled upon this one. Seriously, Obama and no scandals? Oh, let me just a name a few off the top of my head; it's too early in the AM. Fast & Furious, Going into Libya toppling Gaddafi  w/o Congressional approval leaving a vacuum for the next scandal, Benghazi,  Extortion 17, The IRS Targeting both sides, Target of Reporters, The VA...I could continue, but, hello, people are seriously ignoring these?  All other Presidents have been called out for their scandals, but not, Obama…

"Daddy, Why did republicans nominate Donald Drumpf?" "Because they're so pissed off at Obama's successful scandal-free presidency that it drove them crazy, son.

dispise the people who attack the needy

Gov to blame that people are reduced to welfare & food stamps while they steal billions from gov agencies

Shame on you, Mr. Trump

The secret - not! - is out: Trump is a lousy excuse for a U.S. president

He earned his rep

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PAY ATTENTION.. REPUBLICANS vote to GIVE free Tax dollars to Billionaires. Democrats support bills to keep our middle class, and America strong. #American #budget #VOTE

Kennett Area Dems on

Just google Bush Cheney email scandal There were so many scandals, it's hard to remember them all.

Memes are not a solid social strategy. Maybe I should make a Grumpy Cat meme about it so you'll understand where I'm coming from.

Elizabeth Warren on Citizens United

"When 32 people can outspend million citizens, our democracy is in real danger." --Mass Senator Elizabeth Warren (D) on why we must overturn Citizens United. Warren for President!