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  • Margaret Hubble

    So funny, except I would say ALWAYS use LOTR references :) (new girl lord of the rings)

  • Lauren Grymonprez Pederson not technically a movie quote, but a funny quote about a movie...I love this show

  • Mariechen Sonnenschein

    Bild über We Heart It #cece #comedy #ever #gandalf #jess #lordoftherings #movie #newyork #nick #perfect #quote #schmidt #text #truth #tv #tvseries #zooeydeschanel #adorkable #smeagol #newgirl #jakejohnson #nickmiller #jessday #maxgreenfield #middle-earth #jessicaday #hannahsimone #winstonbishop #lamoremorris #it’sjess

  • Julie Nowak

    the sad thing is, i quote lord of the rings all the time.

  • J-Stine Cullen

    The New Girl LOTR reference! I laughed out loud on a plane when I first heard this.

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Girls Without Mascara. Please understand us men. We know we are hard to figure out. Does this shed some light? Lol

HAHAHAAA I laugh SO hard every single time I see this / new girl

This is probably the best thing that I have ever read. I am definitely impressed

this is me, except insert harry potter references XD

new girl | Hahahahahahahaha

"YES!" This guy at work said "that is so fetch!" the other day and the girl he said it to had no idea what he was talking about and hasn't seen Mean Girls. So the next 3 clients that walked in he asked if they had seen the movie and they all said they loved it and blah blah blah. She felt like an idiot for sure.

is there alcohol in this? oh no honey, what kind of mother do you think I am? BUT IF you're going to drink, I prefer you do it in the house!

He's good at math, but he is obviously gullible enough to think his swim coach has printing like that.

I just recently...this weekend...found New Girl and well I am in Love! This was probably one of my favorite quotes lol!

I see what you did there- and I like it 😂

New Girl. Winston- as we've discovered recently he definitely goes too far like with bears and things