Hall Work Display

A great way to have students turn in their homework.

student work display

Love the idea of the sight word balloons - have students read only specific colours to practice fluency!

When the kids take a book from the basket they clip their name clothespin to the basket so they know where to put it away. Great idea!!!

Give each student a designated space (accountability). ~ What a great way for students to reflect on the day and share what they've learned with each other.

Place to keep kid's portfolios?

This is a magnet for parents to put their child's work up on the fridge. The poem says: I made this special magnet on the very first day so that my first grade work will always be on display

"Everybody is Somebody" Back to School Bulletin Board

First Day of School Gift (or new student)

I really like this idea, also helps with when testing- to create 'offices' so the kids don't cheat

Laminate scrapbook paper for student work wall

All about me bag: beginning of the year

"Where am I?" board

Kindergarten reference board. I think this could work in a Pre-K classroom. :)

good ideas for teachers and regular people

Instead of "I Can't" or "I don't know"... I would change a few of these though and guide students in "creating" the list as a class (beginning of the year mini-lesson).

instead of handing back papers all the time, great way to reinforce student responsibility...LOVE this!

Student Work Display for hallway

Classroom Timeline :)

Bulletin board idea (picture only)