Hall Work Display

A great way to have students turn in their homework.

Create a turn-in bin with clothespins that are labeled with each student's name. | 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks

Love this hallway bulletin board for displaying student work!

student work display

I really like this idea, also helps with when testing- to create 'offices' so the kids don't cheat

When the kids take a book from the basket they clip their name clothespin to the basket so they know where to put it away. Great idea!!!

3D bulletin boards {ideas}

Growth Mindset commitments. Students created a picture of themselves and wrote down their commitments on a speech bubble.

FREE Dolch Words & Phrases Book This is a black & white booklet I make for all of my students each year. It contains all 11 lists of the Dolch Sight Words plus the Dolch Phrases for the students to practice at home.

This is a magnet for parents to put their child's work up on the fridge. The poem says: I made this special magnet on the very first day so that my first grade work will always be on display

Name Posters for the beginning of the year! Students color on the first day of school, then you can hang them up in your classroom for the rest of the year!

The Challenge Capsule....cute idea for those who always finish early!

List of 30 procedures to remember to teach at the start of the year. Good list even for veteran teachers.

"When I'm wearing my princess crown no one can come up and ask me questions. It works uwonders and my small group time is uninterrupted."... and other ideas.

End of the year student gifts. Students create adjectives to describe each of their classmates. Then the teacher creates a document (that is framed) to give the students at the end of the year!

A creative way to display Birthday's in your classroom. Created by: Christine Best and used in her 2nd grade classroom at Parkridge Elementary.

Seriously? A dish rack will hold file folders? Brilliant!!

Growing Confidence--Helping Students Succeed with Math Facts...check out my post today with some tips regarding math facts, interventions, and helping students BELIEVE they can make progress!

Play with your fossils, put them on display, observe them, name them, and take them on adventures//

Start a daily class diary! Every day for 100 days, create a new page with highlights of the day. With 100 days, everyone in your class will get several turns to contribute!