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23 affiches magnifiques qui fêtent la typographie avec style

i really like this poster it reminds me of the letterform ex. we had to do. Its a really good example of tension, it caught my eye. //// What I like about this poster is the reaction the body text is having towards the letter R when it hits them.

I've found that simplicity is often key when it comes to designing. This design in particular uses just three colors and a clear font to convey the message. Plus, the designer found a clever way to incorporate a and an in one image. Bravo, designer.

From the Swiss style, an amazing Table of Contents design. This design utilizes rich, vibrant colors paired with an excellent and interesting use of negative space. Clever typography is also in action here, from the use of a clean sans serif font, to the imaginative juxtaposition of elements co-mingled on the page. All of these elements embody great design.

In a time when a physical product was the norm, album art was just that – art. These imaginative creations, constrained to a fairly universal square canvas, gave the listener some sense of the personality that lay inside. Browse through, take in the essen