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Chrysanthemum is a perennial flowering plant native to Asia and northeastern Europe. The name Chrysanthemum is derived from the Greek, chrysos (gold) and anthos (flower). benzene Trichloroethylene Formaldehyde.

Tip 4 - Beginner's Guide to Mums

Beginner's Guide to Mums Fall’s favorite flower is a no-brainer when you follow these tips.

Chrysanthemum Fertilizer – How And When To Fertilize Mums

Fertilizing Mums: Tips For Feed Mum Plants and lots of other advice on growing these ever-popular beauties.

Wintering Mums: Tips For Winter Care For Mums

Overwintering Mums: How To Winterize Mums - Overwintering mums is possible. Because many people think that mums are finicky, many gardeners treat them as annuals. This doesn't have to be the case. Read here to learn more about how to winterize mums.

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