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Smoke gazing is a method of scrying using smoke from a flame or typically a fire. As the smoke rises, images are perceived in the smoke that details spiritual messages for the seer.Smoke scrying is more positively used as a means of divination by shamans to receive messages from the spirit world. Smoke scrying for fun can be done while seated around a camp fire as messages fill the air. Note that the patterns of the smoke change as the smoke rises into the air.

☆ By the Pentagram I wear. Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. Ruled by Spirit as All should be. As I speak, So mote it be! ☆

According to legend, when someone finds a black feather, it means that a soul is near them. The feathers are to remind the person that he or she is not fighting the battles of life alone.

~ Earth N' Things ~ I banish all evil influence from my home. I will not allow it to wreak havoc within the hearts, minds and spirit of those who live here ~

MAGIC HERB JAR TO ENHANCE YOUR POWERS PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY Before you do any scrying or any kind or psychic work, inhale the scent deeply and shake the jar gently