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How to fold a handkerchief with four angles. Also, nice textures.

Groom: Handkerchief Folding 101

love the jacket and the sweater...nice layering...

HOW TO: fold a handkerchief

Handkerchief Folding

how to fold a pocket handkerchief

How to Fold a Pocket Square Handkerchief

Nice style

How to fold your pocket handkerchief

Floral Handkerchief folded oh so nicely and tucked into a midnight suit coat.

Great casual style...nice colors...

Presidential Handkerchief fold

#HowTo : Folding a three fold handkerchief

oh yummmmmm


he is so rocking those pink shorts. nice.

cable knit.

I know it's mens, but I love this color/texture combo

handsome crushculdesac.tumblr

Nice layers

Men's briefcase/messenger bag. The shape of the green pockets is nice bc they'll always stay open and the bag's flap will secure the contents.