Carl + Ellie = Love. Their love story has no words and yet they're still so inspiring as a couple

I cried

So true...

<3 UP #pixar #disney

The start of every friendship<---- I actually purpose to look for "weird" people, and when I find them, I give them a mental salute.


I chose to analyse this art work as it includes most of the popular pixar characters and spells out pixar discreetly in the background.


Day 1- Favorite Disney/Pixar: Up. This is my favorite movie because it's based soley on love. The whole movie was motivated by Carl's love for Ellie ❤️ it makes me cry EVERY TIME.

everything you need to know about life.

One of the greatest moments in this movie! Ha ha, oh Olaf!

This is one of my favorite parts in Tangled. Flynn is not even the slightest bit concerned about kissing Rapunzel. He's just so glad to be with her that he closes his eyes, buries his face in her shoulder, and holds her tight. I believe their love. <--That description is just perfection <3<3

Carl & Ellie, Up by Pixar (2009) #Up

Beauty and the Beast (1991) - Minimal Disney Movie Poster by Monique Sterling #minimalmovieposters #minimalist #minimalism #MoniqueSterling #alternativemovieposters #disney

So true!

Disney <3

i love this movie!