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  • Lindsey Gordon

    Gone with the all time fav movie! fiddle dee dee

  • Darlene Stumpf-Westfahl

    Vivien Leigh She is just gorgeous!!love the dress!!

  • The M Factor Creative

    Return to Tara in 3 days. Commemorate Gone With The Wind's 75th anniversary and see it in theaters! For tickets: #GoneWithTheWind #ScarlettOHara #RhettButler #Tara

  • cindy akridge

    On this day in 1939, Vivien Leigh signed on to play Scarlett O’Hara, every Southern girl's dream, in "Gone With the Wind" via @Beverly Murray History Center.

  • Wendy Kimberly

    Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O' Hara in Gone With the Wind

  • Cate Eldridge

    Gone with the Wind ~ katie scarlett ohara! all time favorite movie

  • Meridith Hart

    Gone with the Wind; great book and classic movie! :-)

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How is it that all this lush excess, the opulent room behind her, the pure decadence of that red dress - all we really see, the thing that POPS at us when we see this photo, is Vivien Leigh. Cameron Diaz and Kristen Stewart can't do that, folks.

Scarlett: Try again, Mammy. Mammy: Twenty inches. Scarlett: Twenty inches! I've grown as big as Aunt Pitty! You've simply got to make it eighteen and a half again, Mammy! Mammy: (shakes her head) You done had a baby, Miss Scarlett, an' you ain' never goin' to be no eighteen an' a half inches again - never. An' dere ain' nothin' to do 'bout it.

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