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Did you know it takes 25 steps to make a wedding cake? It is very labor intensive. 1st you have the cost of the ingredients, then you bake and decorate the cake, you wrap each layer to prevent them from getting soggy. You apply the fondant, if there are any bubbles they are picked out with a special tool. The cost includes the initial design, delivery and set-up at the venue. The biggest value for your money is the love that goes into creating that perfect cake to complete your special day....

Love Cake (link does not lead to original source and/or tutorial).

This is the ultimate cake for a chess nerd’s birthday. | 35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

Checkerboard cake... I have always wondered how this was made. Could do orange and white for UT

DO IT YOURSELF ~ A checkerboard birthday clever and fun!

Checkerboard Cake l easy instructions that don't require a special baking pan...I've always wondered...

An Easter surprise awaits family and friends when you slice into this cake. Our Checkerboard Cake Pan Set lets you create a multicolored pattern.

Easter cake - For all your cake decorating supplies, please visit