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    • nadia rech

      amish buggy.....Driving down country roads in the fall in a horse and buggy, listening to the horse's hoofs going clip-clop, clip-clop on the pavement, are memories of slower times when all seemed innocent. Love to hear the clipity clops as they go down the road :)

    • Prisma Ruacho

      spend the day in amish land

    • Beth Scognamiglio

      Amish country ~ good childhood memories.

    • Angie Purdee

      Ohio Amish country

    • j Summers

      Ohio -amish buggy

    • Katrina Wylie

      The Amish life is definitely 'The Path Less Traveled"

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    "Lord, I will follow You, but . .." Luke 9:61 When God tells you to do a thing that tests and opposes your common sense, you will come to what He wants, but turn back at the point of testing until you abandon to God by total surrender. Instead, you will say, “Yes, but, if I obey God, what about . . . ?”But If you are going to obey, He demands you risk what you believe by common sense. When you have faith in what He says, you find that He is consistent with common sense.(Oswald Chambers)

    I grew up seeing the Amish buggy's rolling up and down the roads. Mrs. Graber used to sell her eggs door to door. I love their lifestyle of simplicity and God. The tv show about them is a lie and it angers me. They are joyful, God loving people.

    madamescherzo: Yesterday, my husband and his brother went canoeing along the Susquehanna River and came upon a group of Amish boys who’d taken their horses along an abandoned railroad line from Christiana to the opposite side of the county.  They’d been trekking since midnight and were tired, thirsty and looking for a store and a way back. The battery in their GPS was dead. Rumspringa.

    Amish carriage..see these frequently in our area.....when riding our bikes we pass slowly so as not to scare the horses

    Amish parking - there is no link to say whats going on but this is across from Lehman's store in Ohio

    Yoder's Amish Farm in Millersburg, Ohio. (2 hours from Cleveland.) $12 with tour and buggy ride. Also have bakery there.

    Amish black cat This is so cool because you have a buggy and a horse and a CAT and it looks like the cat likes to go places!

    Snow Buggy... we should take a lesson or two.... the simple way !!!!! :-)

    Amish Buggy - Pennsylvania. there are days I miss these since moving to a city.

    Amish man and his buggy. They take great care and pride in their buggies.