I want to one day be "that house". You know the one. Everybody comes from all around just to see it. But it will have to be themed. I can't just throw a bunch of random stuff up on the house. Like this year, we're doing the all blue thing.

Naughty and inappropriate ugly Christmas sweaters aren’t for everyone. But they’re super popular, which means there are a lot of dirty minds and twisted senses of humor out there. Welcome to the club. If you wear

I love Disney movies above any other movie. They have a great lesson to learn in each story and it is a great escape from reality even if it's just for a couple hours. My favorite of all has been Beauty and the Beast, since childhood.


Before I Die: Love

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My name is Joanna. (Mam na imie Asia.) All I want to do is learn languages, eat citrus fruits, and travel the world. I'm really into makeup and fashion. Feel free to message me in English, Polish, French, or Spanish. I track the tag