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  • Xtina Xtina

    Nerd jokes! Dude, yo mama just got owned with a science joke. TAKE THAT! UH! Yeah! ... science..... chemistry cat and stuff

  • Kim Roebuck

    #ScienceCat #ScienceJoke

  • Linda Banks

    This is not exactly cool science, but it is a funny joke about science :) | See more about chemistry cat, chemistry jokes and chemistry humor.

  • Louise Willis

    Science cat - chemistry joke ha ha ha

  • Kelly McClellan

    Mitosis #chemistrycat #sciencejokes @KaitlinSessions

  • Jackson Irish

    Chemistry joke #chemistrycat

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Dayna this ones for you when you're having a rough day in your crazy chem classes :)

Funny Chemistry joke. Even the H20 molecules are oriented the right way!! Awesome!

Quite literally laughed out loud reading this. chemistry pickup line haha

Chemistry joke. - Rental Apartments in NYC with No Broker's Fee.


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Chemistry Cat: What did the thermometer say to the graduated cylinder? "At least I have a degree"

LMAO! Since I found this funny does that mean I am a nerd??

It more of that chemistry cat!

Get it? Too many smiles. Ah, chemistry humor, you make me happy.