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[Infographic] Have you replaced your smoke alarm lately?

I want you all to be safe, Pinterest people! So use this as motivation to test/install equipment to keep you that way. June is Home Safety Month!

When the fire alarm goes off and your heart is in your throat with panic and someone says, " Don't worry it's just a test" there is a huge sense of relief. So think about that feeling next time you face a trial or hardships. While the trial is real, God is watching over you and will help you through so ... Don't panic.

Fobot by Amy Flynn. Name: Mephist-O-Matic D.O.B.: 10/16/11 Height: 19" Principal Components: Fire alarm, candy tin, camera, anti-kickback pawls, test tube clamps, cleat, barbecue fork, oil lamp part, jello molds, hydraulic fittings