Lightening during storm in Albuquerque, NM


This bizarre electrical phenomenon usually occurs during thunderstorms and lasts for up to thirty seconds. Balls of lightening are said to behave in strange ways, hovering, rolling, hissing and sometimes passing through walls, in a way that seems completely unnatural. As a result, ball lightening has long been associated with aliens and ghosts.

volcanic lightning --- Martin Rietze, the photographer behind the website Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth, is willing to do whatever it takes to get a great photo -- even if that means inching towards a volcanic explosion while scalding lava spews into the air and lightning strikes from dark clouds above.


Moore, Oklahoma5-13-2013 photo via donna

✯ Stormy Afternoon


Beautiful Nature

the power of nature

i love storms!!



✯ Nature Lightning


Lenticular Cloud With Lightening


lightning on bay bridge

The powerful beauty of storms

A storm hit Melbourne (Australia) on 14th March. This stunning photograph of it was captured at Corio Bay. The most powerful force on earth - Mother Nature — by Priyanka Kajal.