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Christian rapper Tireo exposes Beyonce/Jay Z murdered Jay's lover Cathy Korenna in a satanic sacrifice. "The bigger you are in Hollywood, the more lives you must sacrifice" - Tireo.

LOL. But really Santa is an anagram for Satan, & Jesus was born on Sept. 11th. True, no bull. Christmas celebrates the pagan god Nimrod, not Jesus Christ.

Religious rapper Tireo tells the vision God gave him; explains why God allowed Trayvon Martin to die. "Black on black violence must end!"

investigative reporter Alex Jones' documentary Endgame - exposing the coming war, the new world order, massive population reduction, U.S. martial law, FEMA camps, poisoning the water, poisoning the food, micro-chipping the population, forced inoculations, the whole transhumanist agenda, and who's behind all this. Eye-opening!

former mind-control slave speaks out about elites' involvement in black-magic rituals (queen elizabeth, queen mother, charles, rotschilds, al fayed, etc)