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The Women of Borderlands! Clockwise from left: Kearstin Nicholson as Lilith (BL1 version) Fae Lunsford as Tiny Tina (BL2) Laura Bronkhorst as Maya (BL2) BelleChere as Mad Moxxi (BL2 version) Photo by Pat Loika

From left to right: Tiny Tina (Fae Lunsford), Maya (Laura Bronkhorst), Mordecai (Anton La Vito), Psycho (Mike Prost), Mad Moxxi (BelleChere), and Lilith (Kearstin Nicholson) From the Borderland video game series Photos by Photo Tsumi — with Fae Lunsford, laura bronkhorst, Anton La Vito, Mike Prost and Kearstin Nicholson at C2E2 At McCormick Place.

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Captain Marvel / Ms. Marvel - 2015 Best of Cosplay Collection

Belle Chere is Ms. Marvel

Character: Hela (Asgardian, Goddess of Death, Queen of Hel and Niffleheim) Series: Thor/Avengers Photo Taken: Comicpalooza 2015 Photo: Chuck Cook Photography Costume made and modeled by BelleChere.

The Gotham Sirens. Here we have BelleChere, Mab, and Tallest Silver of Kit 'n Silver (also of Sweethearts of the Galaxy). Photo taken by Bill of The Watters Mark Photography.