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The 90 Hottest Women of the '90s - Alicia Silverstone

Dragon's Lair (1983): When most of the arcade machines in the 80s had blocky pixellated characters, this laserdisc beauty caught everybody's eye and stole all of their quarters! Click for a playthrough of Don Bluth studio's lovely animation. Spoiler warning!

Early Disney; The creation of Donald Duck owes much to the career development of Clarence Nash, then "seller milk" (advertising presenter) for Adohr Milk Company. In December 1933, Clarence Nash signed a contract with Disney to make the voice of a character will be created. Nash gave his voice in the original version Duck from 1934 to 1983, he was involved in character creation & early stages of Donald.

70's TV (Laverne & Shirley. My sis and I would take turns being Laverne & Shirley while we were watching. I even tried Pepsi and Milk...)