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Humpback whales will, of course, protect their own young from killer whales. A mother humpback whale and newborn calf photographed off Baja California, Mexico, Oct 2009. When necessary, the mother will use her massive pectoral flippers to defend her small calf from attacking predators, especially killer whales. Photo: M. Lynn, NOAA, Southwest Fisheries Science Center.

“…she wanted many more things than the love of one human being — the sea, the sky.” Virginia Woolf, from The Voyage Out


Mmm... A serene sailboat glides away into the sunset on a still sea... Nature's

nice Mmm... A serene sailboat glides away into the sunset on a still sea... Nature's ... by

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New photographic prints from Kara Rosenlund

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Travel Beautiful Places In Canada

Sea to Sky highway to Vancouver to Whistler, BC, Canada

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26 Weeks of Inspiration and training: Some of our class members works

Debbie Middleton Hope:I created this semi-abstract seascape with simple acrylic craft paint and a plastic gift card. I used french blue for the sky, desert turquoise for the sea and white for the clouds. I then made a quick sketch of a hunchback whale highlighted with midnight blue and a white gel pen. I worked on 7 x 10 mixed media paper, placed droplets of paint in my desired composition, then scraped the paint across the page with a expired gift card.

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Review: The Perilous Sea

The Perilous Sea by Sherry Thomas. It was with a heavy heart that I started this book last night, knowing full well that I would lose quite a bit of sleep (I do so love my sleep). The Perilous Sea was one of those books I knew I would love before I even started reading. Genres - Adventure, Fantasy, Magic, Romance, Young Adult - Series - 5 Stars. Click through to my blog to read the full review!