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    Help us treat our mentally ill residents by sponsoring the part salary of a Psychiatrist Social Worker for a month. Your donation will be used by HELPAGE as follows: Donation Details Approx cost in us$ Psychiatrist Social Worker $90 Total Amount: $90

  • Rose Leone

    this breaks my heart. Sad !

  • Paige Bebber

    Jesus loves you this I know...

  • Silvia Walsh

    this breaks my heart, only if more people would care =(

  • Susan Davis

    GOD says "feed the poor" ......... This breaks my heart in pieces.

  • Chris Swilling

    Homeless children... they grow up much faster than ours! This hurts my heart.


    Help poor people from slum have access to health care by supporting a day cost of our health centre. Your donation will be used by HELPAGE as follows: Donation Details Approx cost in us$ Honorarium to Doctor $18 Honorarium to Pharmacist $8 Medicine cost $25 Miscellaneous costs (conveyance, stationery, feedback cost etc.) $8 Total Amount: $59

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Lord, I lift all the poor and powerless, all the hungry and needy, all the ones who feel unloved up to You today. I pray for Your blessings on these beautiful ones. So thankful for Your mercies and blessings.

When we choose to help others it gives our footsteps greater purpose.

child labor We need to all be praying nonstop for these children

Kills me to see kids living in these conditions. Makes you thankful for everything you have; even if its not much. Someone half way across the world has nothing.

This girl has nothing and yet she is smiling. What gets me about this photo is that we, who have so much, are still consumed with what we DON'T have without appreciating what we do. She is a beautiful spirit.

I hate when i see these things....

...and we learn that fear of being wrong as little children (and in school).

Because there are so many children around the world that need homes and families...

to Us Customers mean EVERYTHING. We never loose sight of who are most important. We the people support one another. Versailles is just another small business passing by but we have 25 years of experience and the heart to prove it. My father started this business 25 years ago with only 15 dollars in his pocket and I do my best to support his vision, Join me. Thank you lovely people

Young Christian child in difficult Life situations ___ saying prayers in her heart, believing she has been heard.