Contrasting hostas <3

How to move hostas. In all the years I've moved my hostas, I can't believe I've never done this!

A mix of perennials including several hosta, a Brunnera, a Heuchera and a Pulmonaria.


Beautiful evergreen landscaping with hydrangea...

Shade Garden Plants ~ Astilbes, Hostas, Fuchsias & Creeping Jenny

Gotta do in my hosta garden...

Streetside hostas. Gorgeous.

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Why didnt I think of that? Neaten up your soaker hoses.

Shade garden beds with red/burgundy from Coleus & green from Hosta & Potato Vine

To protect your hostas, especially those growing in pots, cover the soil with used coffee grounds. Not a slug in sight!

Dividing Hostas: When, Why and How How to properly divide your hostas.


Side Yard Garden for Shade Have you been wondering what to do with the shady area along your house? Try this garden plan perfect for long and narrow shaded side yards. It's filled with great, easy-growing plants to enjoy through the seasons. Garden size: 26 by 10 feet.

Hosta Niagra Falls

Lush border


Lilac tree, astilbe, and hosta

Rubber Edge Border

beautiful shade garden