baby's first year canvas

Matt takes so many pictures a day that I probably already have enough to do this with a little cropping. DIY project and had it printed on canvas. Loved it!

Make your own canvas photos. I like the layout of these photos

What a cute idea! Make a collage in the shape of a number to represent the age or anniversary year with pictures of the one(s) being honored.

hospital keepsakes

Site to make Personalized board books. Awesome.

Love this! Adventures in Decorating & Design: Ruler Growth Chart, take a picture of them the day they were measured and ask them what they want to be when they grow up and add that to the picture (with a date and measurement incase you have to take it down to move). Wished I'd know this several years ago . . .

Cool to do for our kids. 1st side in kindergarten and 2nd side when they graduate highschool.

Have your one year old hold up their ultrasound for first birthday pictures

Christmas Photo inspiration

Kodak Project - Father's Day Collage...A collage celebrating precious moments between a father and daughter. I created this as a gift for my husband for Father's Day last year. This concept can be used for any purpose - Mother's Day, Graduation, Anniversary, Birthday, Retirement, Family memories from a vacation, Valentine's Day, you name it.

Do it yourself canvas print.

Great idea

20 QUESTIONS to ask kids every year on their birthdays! I wish my parents did this for me so I could look back and see my answers!

Artwork as Artwork

I have got to do this while the kids are still little!

Transfer images to canvas, pillows, or furniture; link has mod podge ideas - thinking of maps mod podge on kitchen table

Places We've Been Together

First birthday canvas