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Math Questioning Strategies

Education to the Core: Put Accountable Talk Statement Posters on the wall to remind kids of how to use them in academic conversation!

Math Talk!

link to BUILD math

Tales of Frogs and Cupcakes: Math Notebooks REVISITED!!

GREAT resource aligning with Common Core 8 Math Practices. This document refers to what mathematicians do: talk about math, explain their thinking, make predictions, work together, compare, make mistakes, record thinking, change their ideas, check their work and look for challenges!

Math Talk Teacher poses questions to the students to lead the conversation. By changing the question from "What answer did you get?" to "How did you solve this problem?" the teacher is able to understand how the students are making sense of mathematics.

Peachy Teaching: Number talks and a FREEBIE!

At last! A teacher doing Daily 5 math with some super ideas!

Free!! Number Talks (math talks) basics and questioning/conversation strategies.

Here's a nice chart to help students understand ways to participate in math talk.

Oooohhh.... Like this a lot!!! Do this if you finish math early...put inside math notebook

Math journal

smartboard resources for math. Are you kidding me? This is great!

Common Core Math

Math Coachs Corner: Whos Doing the Talking? Number talks are short--10-15 minute- warm-up activities focusing on mental math strategies. Here's my testimonial. You might think your students won't have the strategies that the kids in the video use. Let me tell you, they will surprise you! I have never seen students more engaged and excited about math than I have when I'm doing number talks.

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Math tub ideas - so many great ideas to use with Common Core