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(Open RP, be him. Writing in his POV) I looked at her as she was laying in my arms, God she's so beautiful. She's my best friend and she'll never feel that same way about me. She slowly open her eyes "take a picture, it'll last longer" she giggles softly, I smile and...

Compartir un café... y mucho más. #amar #amor #love

"I want us to grow old together and live a life full of love, happiness and naughty adventures." - #relationship #quotes

I like this picture a lot. He's wearing a backpack and has a long earring in his ear. His whole outfit is just perfect! I love it! And her hair and the background and the way they're hugging and kissing is just♥‼ it's just a perfect picture to me

Leaving you is the hardest thing to do, but seeing you again is just like the first time: the tumultous feeling in the bottom of my stomach, the flutter of my heart as it took flight to yours, and the way my lips couldn't help but bend into a smile.