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Pit bull puppies are adorable. caitlynvanorden Pit bull puppies are adorable. Pit bull puppies are adorable.

No Bad Dogs

No Bad Dogs Stop BSL. Don't judge or trash one breed so bad that nobody would want them at all


Zeus and Zena: Brother and Sister, Pit Bulls. Didn't know that pit bulls looked like this


i am a true activist for pitbulls-its not in their genes, it's all about their environment and how they are trained. if they are trained to be nice, they can be the sweetest dogs.

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People tend to go to one extreme or another in their feeling about pitbulls, they have their detractors and fanatics. Me, I love dogs, whether they’re pitbulls, chihuahuas or mixed breed.

love the pitbulls.

Love a Pit of the sweetest dogs I ever got to know while working for the humane society was a pit bull named Sandy!

Team Pitt Bull

My baby is a pitbull named Baby and I love her. People should not judge her because she is a pitbull.

Spider on the floor

"There was a spider on the floor!" [Given my own fear of spiders I might actually step into a toilet to get away from them!

Heart shaped puppy nose

Who wouldn't love this dog? Love is stamped on his sweet little puppy nose :) Heart, My Favorite Shape (CTS)

Dogs are family's photo:   Daisy Mae used to spend her days being tortured and forced to fight, but now she spends most of her time cuddling those who need it most.

Daisy Mae, a former dog-fighting dog who cuddles with the elderly and frail, and even allows small children to hold her tight when they are undergoing painful medical procedures. I hate when people say pitbulls are bad dogs! they are the sweetest.

Baby pitbull ... The most misunderstood breed. I own a pitbull  and am here to say that if they are raised right they are the sweetest little angels ever~ <3

rescue shelter link with pitbull puppy These darling dogs are so unfairly maligned. the-heal-yourself-heal-the-world-board

Those eyes American Pit Bull Terrier Staffordshire Bluenosed Pitbull Pittie Staffie dog

Pitty love (scheduled via

Pitbulls are dogs that some douchebags prefer due to their "tough" appearance. Don't blame a breed for the owners fault. Pitbulls are just dogs. Like any other.

Those eyes just scream out, "just love me!!"

Do you know that Pit Bulls are, once upon a time, considered to be "Nanny" dogs to watch children? They are still extremely good with children. Too bad Media chooses to paint them as bad guys.~*~*My pitbull is my best friend~*~*~*

Lincolnwood May Drop Presumption that Pit Bull-type Dogs Are Dangerous

Pit bulls and dogs that look like them are banned from Denver, which enforces breed-specific legislation -- laws opposed by all animal welfare organizations.