Explore Schematics Tunnels, Chambers Enclosure, and more!

Sphinx Facts, Body, Breastplate, Schematics, Tunnels, Chambers, Enclosure Wall,

Sphinx Facts, Body, Breastplate, Schematics, Tunnels, Chambers, Enclosure Wall,

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The Tunnels & Chambers Under The Sphinx - YouTube

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Great Sphinx Of Egypt: It's True Age Revealed And Tunnels Below - Though long thought believed to have been a dynastic Egyptian work, in this video you will see that the vertical erosion on the Sphinx and Sphinx enclosure occurred at least 5000 years before the pharaonic Egyptians ever existed. Also, evidence of chambers and tunnels UNDER the Sphinx.

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Sphinx Tunnel near Greenwood

Kailash Gods and their connection to the tunnels and chambers underneath the Bucegi Mountains, Romania.

Egyptian mummy

Easter Island's Statues Reveal Bodies Covered With Unknown Ancient Petroglyphs - MessageToEagle.com

3500 years of Cappadocian cave homes: These unique underground havens once were used by early Christians to hide from Roman armies, yet they remain occupied to this day - 100 square miles with 200+ underground villages and tunnel towns complete with hidden passages, secret rooms and ancient temples, with each new civilization building on the work of the last.

Akhenaten, Egypt's "heretic" Pharaoh.

Abydos Temples

Ancient Egyptian Temples

Egypt - Cairo- the Sphinx at night

Ancient Egyptian lapis-lazuli cult image of the god Ptah. (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Meritamun’s enormous ceder coffin from her Deir el-Bahari tomb had been desecrated in antiquity and re-bandaged during the 21st Dynasty. The queen’s body shows that although she had died a relatively young woman, she had suffered from both arthritis and scoliosis. 19th dynasty, Valley of the Queens

Egypt, such an intelligent, ancient society. Bab el Luk, Cairo, Egypt. @Laura Jeanne S via Wilma D.

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