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    Diamond T Texaco Doodlebug tanker truck

  • ZoGekDeze

    Just a Car Guy: the 1935 Diamond T Doodlebug, 26 feet long, 1500 gallons, designed by H W Kizer

  • Soren Barr

    Colorized photo of a 1935 Diamond T Doodlebug tanker truck.

  • xim0

    Sleekest and Most Aerodynamic Gas Tank Truck Ever Designed This is the 1935 "Diamond T" Doodlebug - 26 ft long sleek beauty, designed by H. W. Kizer... I certainly wish that they would resurrect this shape and form and put it out on modern streets to fill up gas stations. It was really "low-slung", as well - a mere 4 inches higher than a 1934 Ford sedan!

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Love the curves on this one... what isn't a curve other than the bottom edge? 1934 Diamond T Doodlebug Tanker

1935 Diamond T Doodlebug, 26 feet long, 1500 gallons, designed by H W Kizer

Diamond T Doodlebug - Buscar con Google

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