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  • Rosa Bonetti

    X-Ray Photography "Law Of The Jungle" by Steve Miller @ Project Decor // I know I'm repinning this but it's rare to see a pin as a piece you can actually buy. Inexpensive and cool. #snake #mouse #eat

  • Jayme Pohlman

    Snake X ray

  • iN iV

    "Law Of The Jungle" by Steve Miller @ Project Decor // Radiografía de una serpiente, cuidado con los detalles. I had a picture like this once, only the big animal was my Maltese and the little animal was a mouse, in her tummy. You'da thought butter wouldn't melt in her mouth...

  • Sara South

    Creeper Stuff

  • Vanessa Lue

    Skeleton of a snake! Post feeding

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The digestion of a rat in the digestive tract of a snake

.who lets their kids play around and ON top of a snake like that?????? he's lucky he's on the ouside and not on the inside!!!!!

Normally I'm not a fan of snakes but this is a great picture

Eyelash Viper by tylerkaraszewski on Flickr. "It's amazing how hard it is to find a bright yellow snake. They're supposed to be poisonous, but they're real mellow, so you don't need to worry about getting bitten unless you start poking the snake or picking it up."

Snake of beautiful jewels of color. by Eva

Sight I never want to see! kn We are young and free

Mangrove Snake. Photo by Mickaël Léger | This snake looks like a sleek sports car.

Mongoose and Snake. Whether this is actual or taxidermy it is AWESOME

You with all your gadgets and globally connected will never be as awesome or wise as this fellow.

sssssssssssnake issss the color I want to paint my kitchen tall cabinet against lilac walls ??? we'll see