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    ▶ Chiquilla - Zumba. We do this in Marian's class and I ♥ this one!

    Zumba Quebra As Cadera - We do this in Marian's class and MZL. This is one of the first ones I learned (some small changes in our class versions)

    "Jai Ho!" by Nicole Scherzinger - (Marian's Class)

    zumba VIDEOS

    ▶ ZUMBA MEGA MIX 43 - 6:00 a.m REGGAETON - We do this in Marian's class

    ▶ "Tyalee" (Artist: Sahara) Zumba WarmUp ... done in Marian's class and MZL



    Zumba 2/7

    Zumba The Way you Make me Feel.wmv

    ▶ La vida es un carnaval- Zumba with Erika - We do this in Marian's class

    ▶ Baila Pa Emonciona (Calypso) - One of the first ones I learned in Marian's class. It still comes up in the playlist sometimes ...

    zumba GANGNAM STYLE - YouTube

    ▶ Do you dig it Zumba - We did this in Zumba with Marian's class today. I Shazammed it, as I like it, and it is available on Itunes. I looked up to see if the steps were on YouTube and found this version (the steps are almost the same as our class) ... but I LOVE this presentation, it totally made me laugh! I do seriously Zumba in my kitchen, bathroom, den, living room (only when others aren't around to watch) ... but I loved this dude dancing! I DIG it!

    ▶ ZUMBA MEGA MIX 43 - Baila Mi Tumbao SALSA - LOVE this one ... we do this in Marian's class a lot (and that is ok with me!)

    ▶ Zumba - Ven Conmigo - We do this in Heather's Class

    Take On Me - Zumba® Fitness

    Zumba Class Rule: Don't know a move? Just shake it 'til you make it!

    Zumba® Fitness Music Video feat. "Pause" by Pitbull - YouTube

    Cha Cha Swing Zumba® I happened to see a different video come across the official Zumba Facebook page. Then at class today ... we were introduced to this! So fun and easy and got my heart rate up (watching my Polar). This version seemed to be the steps we learned. A new favorite! Fitness Choreo by Pjammerz Dubai - YouTube