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Zumba Quebra As Cadera - We do this in Marian's class and MZL. This is one of the first ones I learned (some small changes in our class versions)

▶ Do you dig it Zumba - We did this in Zumba with Marian's class today. I Shazammed it, as I like it, and it is available on Itunes. I looked up to see if the steps were on YouTube and found this version (the steps are almost the same as our class) ... but I LOVE this presentation, it totally made me laugh! I do seriously Zumba in my kitchen, bathroom, den, living room (only when others aren't around to watch) ... but I loved this dude dancing! I DIG it!

▶ ZUMBA MEGA MIX 43 - Baila Mi Tumbao SALSA - LOVE this one ... we do this in Marian's class a lot (and that is ok with me!)

▶ Zumba Fitness - No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti - No video, but I think I have the steps down from Marian's class ...