Have you ever seen HONEY bottles like these? So new and stylish. Goodbye old "bear" jar. I can set this on my nice dinner table.

Herb-Infused Honeys. ATOS!

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Transform store-bought honey with an aromatic sprig and our sweet bee art. (Formatted to fit an 8½''W x 11''L sheet of sticker paper) Recipe: Rosemary Honey (Jars, $13.44 for 12; 16 oz.; sks-bottle.com. Blank clear stickers, $7.95 for three sheets; world label.com) - CountryLiving.com


Elizabeth Staiger- Queen Bee Honey Dipper cast in bronze, silver plating and glass

bee honey jar

Honey with the comb at Savannah Bee Company. PD

Nambé 'Traditions' Honey Pot & Dipper available at #Nordstrom

embossed bee glass bottle

Jalama Valley Wild Sage Honey jalamaroadfamilyfarmstand.com

Most amazing honey dipper & pot ever...

Honey Packaging


very simple honey harvest instruction


How to Use Honey in Place of Sugar in Home Canning, Cooking, Making Jams, Jellies and Baking. Differences of honey and sugar: -Honey adds moisture that table sugar does not have. -Honey is much more dense (weighs more per cup) -Honey adds its own flavor to the finished product -Honey adds acid to a recipe, -And honey can cause baked foods to brown more quickly.


Honey Bee Socks

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