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90's hip hop outfit fly chick snapback


True story.

Clint Eastwood a "por un puñado de dollares" Actor,director,productor i music.

typically not my type, but there's something about him that is so hot Hot Guy with Tattoos #men #ink

#swag #girl #style

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Beyonce, the Queen!


Bling bling

vintage hip hop outfit swag

Cheetah swag!<3


bling bling

Bling bling bling!

Bling Bling Bling WHEELCHAIR!


I'd like to hit something with my fist (perhaps a jukebox) and make it turn on à la The Fonz. Aaaayyyyyy!

We all know the saying that the older we get the bigger the toys. This article is really an extension of the one on Clothes and Fashion. In writing that one, I quickly realized how bling and toys are a big part of our contemporary lifestyle choices and desires. And, I believe that my first instinct that women were more into bling may have been a snap judgment since I tend to think men are more into toys! -

BlackAfrikanRoze says: All that glitters may NOT be gold, but these are all right with me!!!