Cute idea for teaching kids about money ... GroopDealz

4 Ways to Teach Your Children Money Management -- We have used some of these in our youth presentations - love the jars for Spend/Save/Give #HopIntoSavings

When Kids Manage Their Own Money - and when it goes bad!

This is a great idea for teaching time management to the kids and keeping the family organized!

getting crazy-good deals on travel.

money saving tips Save Money, Saving Money, Budgeting #Budget, #SaveMoney

Article on the problem of entitlement and combating it early on.

Was just there last week, but never too early to start saving.

Great idea for how to keep kids artwork clutter under control: Turn it into a photographic journal. Post includes tips for how to save money on the photo book journals.

money management technique - "envelope system" without the envelopes

Cute idea!

Teaching children how to build their relationship with God at an early age. Tips for praying with the comments under the post too! great ideas

FINALLY! THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR! You do not get paid for chores because it's an expected part of being a family. Allowance is teaching children how to manage money. I have started this with the kids, the chore list doesn't get money but the commission chart does! There are different chores on each.

cute idea

Cute idea

Want to do this with my kids!

Shadowbox Banks - Teach Kids To Save for Something they want

Such a cute idea!

Teaching Kids What To Do If They Get Lost Printable and bonus links at the end of the blog too

OUR FAMILY BANK {Kids’ Money Management} - ReMarkable Home

Teaching kids how to cook at home - tips and kid friendly recipes