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i usually don't like such nail stuff like this but i think this is pretty cute

Purple and silver gradient zebra nail art Tutorial by Nail Art 101

pretty pink nail design

Nails Wow wow this design is SO BEAUTIFUL .... I WANT TO DO A SET LIKE THEM WITH THE ANGEL LOVE GEL POLISH ...ORGANIC BONDING - NO ACID .....look for these designs or variations of them on

Loving this!! Maybe just one color instead of switching up every other nail....

I take out the solids or just have the big toe dotted for this style it's pretty but it's to busy

Do I like this? A trend that is on the rise is painting one nail different from the others, a.k.a an accent nail. It can be a different color, feature a special design, be sparkly, the sky is the limit! The nail of choice is usually the ring finger (lightbulb!)

First, paint your nails with whichever color you like. Then, using a tiny dotting tool (or a needle, possibly a toothpick), make a bunch of dots near the tip of your nail, so many that barely any of the base color shows through. After that, keep working in sections, using less and less dots and making the sections ever so slightly bigger until you reach your cuticle.

Neon Leopard and Zebra print! ♥ I want these imma have the people at my nail place do these on meeee!!

I love this!! This is SO Nikki McQuay!!! Love you, doll!! ;)