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Cranberry Orange Adult Popsicles

12 hrs to make


1/4 cup Lime juice, fresh squeezed, or store-bought


1 cup Cranberry juice
2 cups Orange juice, fresh squeezed, or store-bought

Beer, Wine & Liquor

1/2 cup Tequila
  • Kyleen Finnegan

    Classy Bachelorette Party & Boozy Frozen Ring Pops!

  • Denise Ferguson

    Cranberry Orange Adult Popsicles- for classy bachelorette party

  • Kim Tebow

    Bachelorette Parties. Frozen Drink Ring Pops!!! Woohhoo

  • Debbie Garris

    Party game: everyone brings a pair of underwear for the bride to be with something that has to do with them (like cupcakes if they like to bake or college logo if they were roommates...) and the bride has to guess who each are from and drinks for each guess wrong.

  • Melissa Garrett

    Classy Bachelorette party ideas

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