• Denise Marie

    Couples quote fidelity

  • Brooke Stewart

    Can adapt to renewal of vows

  • Melanie Hodge

    Whenever I hear someone say, "If someone lets me down once, it's over," my heart breaks a little for him/her. All I can think is "S/he's going to be lonely forever." You've got to get through the shit together, and you've got to grow together, and for the love of God ,cut each other some slack! True love is the "no matter what" kind of devotion - the kind that chooses the deep connection over the trivial misunderstandings.

  • Mandy Martje de Boer

    Fidelity so true!

  • Macy Hill

    Hmmm food for thought...

  • Amy Smallwood

    True fidelity - if only everyone could remember this.

  • Melanie Kuta

    So True! Love this!

  • Emily Underwood

    Fidelity. true story.

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