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Texts from Dog 5 - Knock Knock Jokes. Lol best knock knock joke ever read hahahaha lol

Dark Knight and Harry Potter. This fits so perfectly its like they wrote it with Snape in mind.

If Voldemort had a sense of humor

Happy birthday to Minerva McGonagall, talented Animagus, compassionate friend, wise mentor, and brave and tireless champion against Dark magic!

What?! Would this really be what the Disney Princess' be like in modern times?

Finally! A Dead Fred post that made me laugh instead of cry.

When Tumblr went straight up morbid. | 31 Times Tumblr Had Jokes About The "Harry Potter" Series

Jokes About: Harry Potter|| Mean girls Hermione Granger. I LOVE Harry potter/mean girls crossovers!!!!!!!!

These happier Harry Potter titles. | 33 Harry Potter Jokes Even Muggles Will Appreciate

I am not a Harry Potter fan, but I know the basic storylines and even I can appreciate this. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Prankskaban…