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The more I drink, the less there is for the kids to drink. #Friends #Phoebe #logic #ILovePhoebe


Gary Oldman is awesome…

You glance at the picture, and it's funny. You do a double take, realize it's Gary Oldman who plays Sirius Black, and it's freaking HILARIOUS.

I don't care what you say: light up shoes are like running in a hotel hallway - you'll always be faster.


Excuse me, are you Harry Potter?

Emma Watson to 5 year old boy: "Excuse me, are you Harry Potter? That’s great, because I’m Hermonie Granger and we’re best of friends." #emmawatson #harrypotter


Everyday things and their proper name…

Everyday things and their proper name…Funny thing is I knew petrichor from doctor who cuz the TARDIS lady said it was part of the code for the door :)

Ghetto Hikes: quotes from urban kids on nature hikes.


Lego tower bad loser…

Funnies!!! <3


Mind officially blown…



A face of pure terror…

The face of pure terror -


LEGO Pirates…

Would make an awesome group costume! LEGO Pirates On A Mission


I’m fairly sure you don’t read these…

Hahahaahahahahaaha this is too freakin funny!!!!!! This the second paragraph, then check out his grade ;) literally laughed out loud


Generation Gap…

this is true


Decisions are tough…

Question: What superhero is this kid? A. Ironman B. The Hulk C. Spiderman D. All the Above Why make a decision when you can be all the above...