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Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Prankskaban…

Harry Potter


Gary Oldman is awesome…

You glance at the picture, and it's funny. You do a double take, realize it's Gary Oldman who plays Sirius Black, and it's freaking HILARIOUS.


Everyday things and their proper name…

I knew tines already. Is that supposed to be an odd thing to know? Also knew petrichor, but that's just my Doctor Who nerd coming out...


Excuse me, are you Harry Potter?

Emma Watson to 5 year old boy: Excuse me, are you Harry Potter? That’s great, because I’m Hermione Granger and we’re best of friends. luckiest kid ever

Tom Hanks Is Awesome! – 18 Pics


Decisions are tough…

This is something my son would do. In fact I have a similar picture of him In Mario pj's and his iron man mask.


LEGO Pirates…

Awesome! Great idea for a group Halloween costume. ;)

The Berryfrom The Berry

Morning coffee (39 photos)

This will always cheer me up :)


I’m fairly sure you don’t read these…

A-!!! Wow. If you don't want to grade essays, don't be an english teacher. You could have at least skimmed it. THIS KID!!!!!!!!! Ballin....

NoWayGirlfrom NoWayGirl

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I want to hang out with this person…

This is awesome

Don't just like this, love it!! --- Retro Inspirational Quote Giclee Art Print by RockTheCustardPrints

So the people who voices characters in Brave also played parts in Harry Potter Mind=Blown