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  • Paige Davanzo

    Neville was never very good with wands and spells and potions, but hand him a sword and he becomes the most badass wizard at Hogwarts. ⚡

  • Kailee Ann

    matthew lewis | this is why the books are so much better... shit like this doesn't happen

  • Leslie Rhoades

    only repinning this to make a point. someone who has read the books would know that a chair and a rock are about as useful as a regular wand at this moment because nagini is a horcrux and we all know that she can only be killed by a powerful magical object, which is obviously neville longbottom...

  • Danielle Stuck

    Harry Potter humor. : )

  • Acacia Rowland

    Truee. #harrypotter

  • Hanin Menchew

    And thus every nerd girl fell in love with Neville if they weren't there already.

  • Rachel Elizabeth

    this is funny, but they're wands wouldn't have done anything to Nagini because it was a horcrux, so Neville had the right idea with destroying it with the sword.

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harry potter what the heck it wrong with you nevel all right you were in harry potter

Every fangirl knows exactly what happened during that 'wand fight' in the bathroom! *squee*

JK's reaction to when Matthew Lewis became attractive. this is awesome

Oh, Neville.... <----- Neville's the normal one. Everyone else is just extremely photogenic.

I love how in Rowling's interview with Dan she mentioned how she thought the actors as children were too attractive. I remember being a young child, watching Sorcerer's Stone and thinking, "DANG IT. Why does Oliver Wood have to be the ONLY hot one in this movie!?"

Neville Longbottom, winning at puberty ~ Love it when these young people grow up and show the world!

Ok when I first saw this I thought the kid was getting eaten until I read he was the Indian version of Voldemort....Ok.....Someone name an Indian kid Harry Potter!!!!

By people Neville thought he would stand up to the dark lord go big or go home Neville the bad animal

Ooooooh!> Can we Oncers just take a moment to appreciate Killipan Jones?