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The Key!


key to happiness

What an inspiring message to give hope. I'll have to remember this for my upcoming high school senior. #God #faith #Christian

Slow down. Enjoy your family and friends. #success


No pills. No $. No classes. No fads. Me. God. Fullness. Hunger. Common sense. #success

"God always gives you something to soothe your soul in life" God gave me the Key to open the door to show me the Light for my Plans for the Future, and are included for every Tomorrow!!! Its a Vision you must Experience in Life once you BELIEVE!!!!

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SO TRUE. Be like Jesus. NOT like people. PEOPLE, even Christians, si.. But Jesus Christ has never, and will never, sin. He will never let us down. He is Almighty!

Feeling led to go even further in helping others to live fully for God, in 1999, Gwen Shamblin, along with other individuals who shared her passion for God, founded Remnant Fellowship Church. Remnant Fellowship Churches are now found in over 100 cities worldwide where members hear convicting and encouraging messages of the importance of putting God and His will first in your life. Twice-weekly church services are webcast live from outside Nashville, TN. Please see www.weighdown.com for more!

Aghh love this!!

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Jer 17:9 the heart is deceitful above all things

Open Apology by a former weight loss consultant

Happiness - you hold the key.

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Deut. 30:20 Key to life

Weight Loss Tips from Weigh Down, Pioneer of Faith-Based Weight Loss

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Your actions speak louder than words #quotes #wisewords via www.designedforkids.co.uk