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I really can't help that I have a thing for baby bunnies in teacups. Or, cute animals in teacups in general. Luckily, the Internet acknowledges this. Below are more pictures of bunnies in teacups:

Garden Helper #rabbit #bunny #garden #flowers

Little baby bunny, 1 ear has lopped but the other one still sticks up! Little cutie awww



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My future pet! So excited to get one of these adorable fuzzy friends.

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Finally, a collection of pictures of animals with stuffed versions of themselves. Pultizer won.

33 Animals With Stuffed Animals Of Themselves

Is there anything cuter than little animals kicking it with their stuffed animal counterparts? While these dogs, cats, a rabbit, squirrel Cute Animals Hanging Out With Their Stuffed Animal Twins Image Gallery

Easter Bunnies

Rabbit I thought we were having tea. Rabbit Looks like we are going to be tea with carrot cake. That's what I ordered! Rabbit For both of us? Rabbit We're DOOMED!