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Bath mat that turns red when wet. Rather it be pink so it doesn't look like blood

Bath mat turns red when wet. Bath mat turns red when wet. Bath mat turns red when wet.

Shower curtain and bath mat turn red when wet

Horror Movie Shower Curtain & Bath Mat - I really want a horror themed bathroom. but why can't the curtain be clear with hand prints? How am I supposed to see killers in my bathroom with an opaque curtain?

zombie finger tattoo

the evolution of a zombie finger

Funny pictures about Zombie finger. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie finger. Also, Zombie finger photos.

Never snooze again...

Sometimes, a simple clock app is all you need to wake up in the mornings, but other times, nothing can get you out of bed. When the latter happens, one of these three alarm clocks may come in handy.

Crazy...  Shoes holding you back?  Try Barefoot Running 'Stickers' - Now that's hardcore.  You go Nike.

Barefoot Running To The Next Level: Nike Footstickers

21 products that basically clean your house for you. one-step cleaner for your cutlery.

29 Things That Will Basically Clean For You

Cutlery Cleaner - Sink Mounted Scrubber For Knives, Silverware & Utensils. I hate washing silverware!

this is crazy! - ink calendar: the ink is absorbed at an exact rate so that today's date will be colored. pretty much the coolest calendar

Polar Pen

So neat: Ink Calendar designed Oscar Diaz .The ink will slowly color each day of the month as time passes by. This is awesome!

The collapse of a shark tank at The Scientific Center in Kuwait. I'm done with the world... I would just go on the roof and wait for an helicopter or something

This photo was supposedly taken after a shark tank at the Kuwait Scientific Center collapsed . but there are no shark tanks at the Kuwait Scientific Center. Moreover, the building is Union Station in Toronto, which flooded in


This would be so stinking fun at Lake Powell (at night, not during the day) The boys can get a Blob and us girls can get a hot tug! The HotTug is a motorized hot tub boat available to own or rent. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!


funny-gif-science-experiment-dust-water (apparently that blue stuff is called hydrophobic sand.or something) this is crazy

I think we all need this bean bag bed. Right?

Yes, Yes, And… Yes // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Find a colour - any colour ! Incredible, new piece of Art Kit... #Tech #Art

Exact Colour of a Leaf, Exact Colour of an Apple

A real life Eyedropper tool! This is awesome. A pen with a little censor that scans the color of the object you point it at, then you can write in ink that exact color, it's like the eyedropper tool in photoshop outside of the computer.

wow. jajaja...

Funny pictures about Ab enhancer. Oh, and cool pics about Ab enhancer. Also, Ab enhancer photos.