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Rick Lazzarini sculpts giant Drone Creature legs for the film INVADERS FROM MARS at Stan Winston Studio.

Richard Landon adjusts the hero animatronic gorilla head from CONGO.

David Monzingo sculpts an alien skeleton for INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL at Stan Winston Studio.

Character Creation artists John Cherevka and Jason Matthews sculpt the hero Stan Winston Studio Tooth Fairy puppet for DARKNESS FALLS.

Lance Anderson performs a Stan Winston Studio puppet on the set of SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES.

FX artist Andy Schoneberg sliced his finger during this project at Stan Winston Studio, making hands for the title character in EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, pictures here along with David Grasso.

Stan Winston Studio/Legacy Effects master painter, Trevor L. Hensley poses with AVATAR's full-size AMP suit.

Character Creator and Master Monster Maker John Cherevka poses with the Stan Winston Studio-created full-size Amp Suit from AVATAR.

For a sequence in which Sarah is disintegrated in a nuclear blast, the puppets built by Stan Winston Studio had to match live-action footage of Hamilton performing the scene. #vfx

Special Effects Character Creator Gary Yee poses with the metallic star of AVATAR at Stan Winston Studio.

Tom Woodruff, Jr. strikes a predatory pose during a test fitting for Stan Winston's PUMPKINHEAD.