Richard Landon leads a Stan Winston Studio mechanical test for the INVADERS FROM MARS drones' ingeneous "backpack" device.

Animatronic Effects designer Richard Landon volunteers for a brutal Stan Winston Studio test for T2.

Stan Winston with Small Soldiers

Richard Landon adjusts the hero animatronic gorilla head from CONGO.

Richard Landon works on the "Alien Queen" rod puppet from ALIENS.

Lance Anderson performs a Stan Winston Studio puppet on the set of SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES.

Richard Landon and fabrication artist Amy Whetsel fit John Rosengrant into a bear suit with animatronic facial features.

At Stan Winston Studio, special effects character creators Gary Yee and Chris Cheatham brush silicone onto HULK's giant leg during the mold making process.

Tom Woodruff, Jr. strikes a predatory pose during a test fitting for Stan Winston's PUMPKINHEAD.

John Rosengrant touches up the Stan Winston Studio prosthetic makeup worn by Danny DeVito for his role in BATMAN RETURNS.

Freshly "metallized" Terminator hands await assembly at Stan Winston Studio.

Creature Creator Gary Yee and the Stan Winston Studio crew work as a team to quickly cover the HULK leg with silicone before it sets up.

Special Effects Character Creator Alec Gillis shows off the Stan Winston Studio "facehugger" puppet from ALIENS.

Character creator Shane Mahan delicately dremels the translucent incisors of her royal majesty, the Stan Winston Studio Alien Queen from ALIENS.

Stan Winston goofs for the camera unbeknownst to his young protege, John Rosengrant.

David Monzingo sculpts an alien skeleton for INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL at Stan Winston Studio.

Character Creator Shannon Shea airbrushes one of the T-1000 vacumetalized exploding bullet hits at Stan Winston Studio.

David Monzingo sculpts a wood nymph at Legacy Effects as a test for an upcoming feature film.

FX fabricator Amy Whetsel tests some new boots.

Richard Landon, PUMPKINHEAD (Tom Woodruff Jr. in Monster Suit), Alec Gillis, and John Rosengrant relax between takes.

Ray Harryhausen. From Cinefantastique Magazine.