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Richard Landon leads a Stan Winston Studio mechanical test for the INVADERS FROM MARS drones' ingeneous "backpack" device.

Stan Winston with Terminators.

Stan Winston with Small Soldiers

Lance Anderson performs a Stan Winston Studio puppet on the set of SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES.

Richard Landon works on the "Alien Queen" rod puppet from ALIENS.

Special Effects Character Creator Alec Gillis shows off the Stan Winston Studio "facehugger" puppet from ALIENS.

Hulk theater display from Stan Winston Studios ...

Stan Winston on Set of Jurassic Park.

Richard Landon works on a hero alien xenomorph suit during the making of James Cameron's ALIENS.

Stan Winston goofs for the camera unbeknownst to his young protege, John Rosengrant.

Tom Woodruff, Jr. strikes a predatory pose during a test fitting for Stan Winston's PUMPKINHEAD.

Stan Winston weighs in on John Rosengrant's wolf sculpture for the Tim Burton film BIG FISH.

Character creator Shane Mahan delicately dremels the translucent incisors of her royal majesty, the Stan Winston Studio Alien Queen from ALIENS.

Richard Landon, PUMPKINHEAD (Tom Woodruff Jr. in Monster Suit), Alec Gillis, and John Rosengrant relax between takes.

Rick Galinson adjusts the ribcage and spine support device to which Doc Ock's tetacles will be attached for SPIDER-MAN 2 at Edge FX.

FX fabricator Amy Whetsel tests some new boots.

Ray Harryhausen. From Cinefantastique Magazine.

Special FX Monster Makeup by Cinema Makeup School, via Flickr

Baseball head. Special FX makeup by Emmy nominated Blanche Macdonald grad/faculty member Leanne Podavin.

Inception - Behind the scenes