Tom Hiddleston. In a TARDIS suit.

I think he would make a great Doctor.

I'd wear it.

I want to wear this, just to see how many people around me get it.

Mark & Tom, The Avengers. Love Tom's face when Mark says 'ONCE'!

Fezzes are red, the TARDIS is blue, bow ties are cool, and so are you. <3

"My inner fangirl is having a stroke."<--completely agree with this

Tardis Doctor Who Dress Doctor Who Costume Tardis by InvadeGeek, $85.00

Mentally Dating Tom Hiddleston. Where is that t-shirt? It belongs to me.



In order of hoping who gets to me first: 1. Captain America 2. Iron Man 3. Batman 4. Spider-Man 5. Tom Hiddleston ;) And eh to the others

Like the TARDIS


This is why the TARDIS is blue {gif} :(

I knew the words at the top of the TARDIS console were previous companions, I just didn't know which was which!

"The Minions Have The Tardis"

“Hi! I’m the Doctor. I noticed you were having a bit of a bad day. So! Convinced you’re not important, eh? Well, I've never heard something so ridiculous in my life. So I decided to pop by in the TARDIS to remind you that I have never met someone who isn’t important. And if you’re clever and want to tell me we’ve never met, I’d like to remind you I said, ‘Hi! I’m the Doctor,’ and that counts as an introduction. You matter. Just remember that. You matter.”

From The 14rh Doctor's memories and the Tardis' databanks

It works!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!

Always try to find the Tardis.