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#ipod #iphone armband. #diy #running #sports #fitness We all have a lonesome tube sock hiding at the bottom of the sock bin to deny its fate of the Goodwill bag. Extend it's life by turning it into something USEFUL! (albeit "not cool", says my 9 year old). *Cut off foot of sock. *Turn sock inside out. *Pull up over your arm and fold a pocket. *Slide iphone in, and GO!

DIY: A dead-simple workout armband

DIY arm band for phone/ipod from tube sock. Step 1: find sock with at least 8in long 'tube' Step 2: cut off bottom of sock, leaving only tube Step 3: Pull tube on arm inside out, folding it in half so visible part is right side out Step 4: using the arm band as a pocket, insert your phone! (you can also stitch up the sides of where the phone is to secure it a bit more)

Easy Fingerless Gloves

Do you want to have your personality ipad/phone case stand ? Step by step and video -->

10 Creative Uses for Old Socks

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