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How to forecast the weather without gadgets. People think I'm odd when I say if cows are laying down its gonna rain. Now I know I'm right!!!

Good Earth Day activity or just a way to bring science outdoors - learn to forecast the weather without gadgets

While we cannot predict climate change, understanding current weather patterns can prove to be very helpful in a survival situation | #survivallife

How to Forecast Weather Without Gadgets Infographic

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Weather Forecasting - MacGyver Style!

Weather forecast Birthday Card

How to Forecast Weather Without Gadgets | Survival Gear Prep

Young Meteorologist Requirement #8: Watch TV or online weather forecast for a week. Make a table of the weather forecasted and what the actual weather turned out to be. Was the weather person always able to forecast the coming conditions.

40 Weather Crafts from Rainbows, to clouds, to sunshine and wind. Once you have talked with your students about different weather patterns you can let them be crafty and create what they have just learned about to take home to their parents or to display in the classroom.

It's a bird, it's a plane... no it's cumulonimbus! Look at all the different kinds of shapes, sizes and patterns the clouds make int he sky! Here is a great way for children to learn how to identify the many fluffy wonders in the sky!