• Megan Klipfel

    Sharpies and Rubbing Alcohol. For friends with kids who need easy projects. omg @Abby Goodan @Jessica Walker @Alex Ridenour this is a wayyy cooler than our tie dye shirts.

  • Maxine Grossman

    tie dye t shirts for kids {made with sharpies + rubbing alcohol}

  • Lauren Faye

    Tie Dye T-Shirts with Sharpie Markers! I've made a tie dye t - shirt before not the one in the pic though . THIS WAS FUN TO MAKE !! Preferably for older kids ( 9 - 99 ) to make. Fun to do at parties!!! ( b - day , slumber, craft , or any other parties you can think of ) Just go on line to look for directions to do this , I don't have them right off hand but I know u will need colored permanent markers , rubbing alcohol , rubber band, and a plastic cup. HAVE FUN! Please comment ur results!

  • RonnyandJulie Merrick

    Great idea if you have kids! DIY tye dye with sharpies and rubbing alcohol.

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